UNDERPASS embraces the idea of breaking the routine and getting out of the normal boring moments in life by creating sustainable high-quality garments inspired by cities around the world. Our clothes have a comfortable and sleek look, while staying true to the streetwear nature of the piece, always working in the most sustainable way. UNDERPASS’ travel takes our experiences around the world and embeds them into our clothing.  

Life is about living and exploring the unexplored, wearing UNDERPASS represents the passion to break free from what keeps you bored, unconstrained to your full potential. Inspired by cities around the world.


    As a multicultural melting pot, London is one of the European capitals of streetwear: in Camden Town, Brick Lane, Brixton, and many more areas, the meeting and crossing of different cultures and traditions coming from all over the world create one of the most unique underground culture of Europe. 

    We wanted to start this journey by retracing our steps in the place in which UNDERPASS was born. The London Collection comes from our own experiences in the city and is inspired by the life and the underground culture we encountered and enjoyed. Throughout the collection, the drops will reflect the vision we sharpened and created strolling around its streets, enhanced by our own individual story, experience and streetwear vision.  

    With the first drop, our t-shirts match the colors and the vibes of the thriving environment in which we grew up as individuals and brand.  This drop sets the tone for the future of our brand, showing the quality and passion in what we do.