We are UNDERPASS, a streetwear clothing brand with worldwide roots. Our goal is sharing our passion for different cultures through high quality clothing pieces embedded with authentic styles, garments that hold onto these details in a timeless fashion, inspired by different cities and cultures.

    We started this journey in 2021, when a couple friends tired of the boring routine life of the past few years decided to come out of their comfort zone. We started our journey in the streetwear fashion industry from scratch, with lots of passion and dedication, by taking inspiration from what we lived and experienced. Now we want to share these feelings and wishes in our clothes and our vision in our brand. The UNDERPASS idea is getting out of the box, diving into the unknown and exploring the unseen.


    Our products embrace the vision of freedom: to be one of us means being out of bounds and unconstrained. With this objective in mind, two years later UNDERPASS was founded from the ground up and our itinerary started. Our roadmap consists of releasing collections inspired by different cities from the world that we visited and experienced. Every collection is unique, inspired by every location and comes in a limited number only. From simple garments inspired by the city life to more intricate designs, each collection tries to bring out the culture we enjoyed, always matching our own brand style and identity defining UNDERPASS.

    We aim at keeping the highest possible quality standards for our pieces, by making clothing that are and feel premium, with the distinctive trait of being elegant and stylish while staying true to the streetwear nature. Lots of research goes into every piece, designing the best possible fit, a perfect meeting point between the loose fit of the typical streetwear clothing and a tailored custom piece, achieving an iconic loose look while highlighting your body shape. Sustainability is a top priority here at UNDERPASS, therefore all our pieces are made from top quality organic or recycled materials.